We were “Lucky”

We arrived in New Bern on Saturday to find the town in a state of optimism. It looked like a war zone to Amy & I but the people were so focused on the clean up effort that no one had time to be woeful. Thanks to John and Sara for preparing us with what to expect after the hurricane. They survived a direct hit from Erma in the keys after building a new home.

The smell was horrible and seeing stacked debris everywhere showed the extent of the flooding.

Just as we arrived at the marina, we received a note from Jeremy (the dockmaster) that power had been restored to a few of the docks and the rest of the marina would have electricity by Monday. We were one of the lucky ones.

Getting to Blue Horizon was bittersweet. While we had no visible structural damage, all our systems were down. My guess… this was probably due to being hooked to shore power and having the power cut without properly shutting down our systems. If correct, we would see the engine, electronics and power systems come back once the batteries had time to charge.

We soon found this to be the case and decided we could stay on the boat while we started the clean up.

We met our starboard neighbor “tank” who advised that he was one of the first on the dock after the initial onslaught of Flo. He said our starboard bow lines had both snapped and our bow was only a few feet from the sailboat on our port side. He immediately jumped on and added a bowline to square our vessel back in the slip. His kindness saved us thousands if not the entire boat. I couldn’t resist by saying “tanks” a lot!

Others didn’t fair as well. Here is the boat 6 slips down from Blue Horizon

Luck really played a huge part in how much damage boats sustained in Florence. The above boat was facing Northwest and we were facing opposite at Southeast. The 90mph plus winds pushed these boats into the dock while pushing ours away from the dock.

We worked all day Sunday getting Blue Horizon ship shape. We were rewarded with another beautiful sunset before a quick dinner in downtown New Bern

We were able to properly thank Jeremy and his team before leaving on Monday. These guys are true professionals and worked hard to minimize the damage.

After getting the topside canvas re installed (a 3 hour job that will humble even the most patient couple), we had one last chore… checking out the dinghy.

After some false starts and not so nice language (tank has heard worse), Little Blue did come back to life. Amy and I decided to do a quick tour to assess the damage in the harbor. See below:

Let me end by saying how much Amy and I appreciate all of your thoughts and genuine concern for us during this time.

We are lucky in so many ways but most of all we appreciate the support all of you have given us.


Another lengthy delay

Due to the damage done to the marinas and waterways in this region, we will stay put until the spring.

This is a marathon not a sprint… hang in there with us as we will depart late March for the northernmost part of the loop. We are looking forward to the Chesapeake, New York, Canada and the Great Lakes in the spring and summer.

Until then… Thanks Dale & Amy

5 thoughts on “We were “Lucky””

  1. Wow! Thanks for the update. Let us know when you get back home. We’ll get together for dinner At the local café since they are serving dinner now. Have a safe trip back. Hugs- Joe and Joanie


  2. So glad to hear you and Amy are okay and that Blue Horizon made it through the storm. Lots of prayers and thoughts were with you both throughout that storm. Yes, you were lucky.


  3. So sad you cannot continue on but a wise decision. And so glad that Blue Horizon made it through and that you both were safe.


    1. Thanks you guys…. We are a bit bummed but looking forward to being on the boat next year. We will see you when we come down The Illinois river. Grafton and Alton are major stop overs


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