Hang on Big Blue!!

It has been a very anxious several days since we first learned that New Bern may be in the path of Hurricane Florence. As you all know by now, that was an understatement!

Prior to Florence making landfall, we had a webcam aimed at B dock with Blue Horizon prominently in the center of the shot. Late in the day on Thursday, we saw the water come over the bank of the marina and then we lost the webcam entirely.

This is the shot from the webcam just prior to Florence making landfall. Blue Horizon is the fourth boat on the nearest dock facing the camera.

As most of you saw the news coverage from New Bern, the city was devastated with storm surge in the neighborhood of 10 feet plus. We also saw coverage of boats floating and docks virtually destroyed.

I am happy to report the footage we all saw was not of New Bern Grand. The city has three marinas and the other two were destroyed but New Bern Grand Marina remained intact only losing 5 out of some 250 boats.

Late yesterday, someone posted a picture on Instagram of the Marina and we saw Blue Horizon floating albeit a bit tattered. While I know we are not out of the woods yet, we have made it through the worst of it.

We just received an email from our Dockmaster. I cannot say enough about how this gentleman and his team did everything possible to protect our property and take every precaution. These guys came out on days off to secure boats and help with the boats where the owner could not be there (like us). They are the epitome of dedication, we learned that one of the staff lost his boat to the storm and yet he is helping us… Wow!

The current situation is that a curfew still exists for New Bern. It will take many days if not weeks or months to regain a since of normalcy. The town will need much help and support.

Our plans now are somewhat up in the air at this point. We have 3 immediate concerns:

1/ Get to the boat and check out all systems making the necessary repairs

2/ Assess the marina and dock along with services in New Bern (Being that we made it this far, I would think we are in decent shape here)

3/ Assess the situation on our route to Norfolk. Many of the marinas in this area will be out of commission or unable to take transient boats.

Given these concerns, it is likely that we will stay in New Bern and volunteer to help with the clean up efforts. Worst case scenario, we remain here until after the winter. Starting in April back on the loop.

So many of you reached out to Amy and I during this time and kept up with our situation. We both want to sincerely thank you. It is comforting knowing that we have so much support.

I was just looking back at the earlier blogs of the places we visited prior to New Bern. So many of these pictures no longer look as they did in July and August. Oriental, Beaufort, NC, Southport were devastated by Florence. Join us in keeping these wonderful people in your thoughts.

We will update everyone once we return to Blue Horizon in the coming days.

10 thoughts on “Hang on Big Blue!!”

  1. Hey brother, glad to hear things are relatively better than expected. Please let us know how we can assist you and Amy. Please stay safe and know you always have a room here in PTC. All the best, Joe


  2. Dale:

    That is awesome news!!

    You (and Blue Horizon), as well as all of those in The Carolinas, continue in our hearts and in our prayers.





  3. I am happy that the boat is not a total loss and will keep hoping that the damage is minimal. It warms my heart that you are staying to help with the cleanup. You both have big hearts. Be safe big bro. I love you!


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