Update from Blue Horizon

Hi all… We are heading back up to New Bern to re board Blue Horizon.

The plan was to arrive Wednesday and provision the boat before departing Thursday with our ultimate destination of Annapolis, MD in the Chesapeake. Our route will take us through Belhaven, NC, north on the Alligator River to Elizabeth City which is the southern entrance to the Dismal Swamp (more about the Dismal Swamp in a future post). After we traverse the swamp, our next stop will be Norfolk, VA and we will stay there a few days to meet up with the crew of Blue Sky. From Norfolk, we will enter the Chesapeake and make our way up to Annapolis via St. Michaels and the Solomons. If time permits, we will take a side trip up the Potomac River to visit our nations capital. This leg of the journey will take us six weeks to 2 months depending on weather.

Speaking of weather…

Many of you have reached out to us already about the hurricanes that are approaching North Carolina and asking if this could impact our trip. The answer looks more and more like yes, unfortunately. MV Blue Horizon is docked at a wonderful marina in New Bern, NC called New Bern Grand Marina. Right now, the NOAA models show hurricane Florence on a direct path for New Bern.

We will continue to monitor the situation and make necessary arrangements for the impact, doing all we can to safely secure our vessel. We will not enter the area if it is being evacuated or otherwise unsafe to do so. Hurricanes are a ways of life on the coast so we will hope for the best.

We will spend some much needed time with family for the next few days and see what the weather holds in store.

Over the last six weeks we have visited the upper Peninsula of Michigan to scope out some docks that we will want to visit when we reach that part of the trip. It is simply beautiful up there and we are looking forward to the Great Lakes.

As is our annual ritual, we traveled to New York for the US Tennis Open with our friends Chip and Ellen. We always love that trip and commented on how lucky we were this year attending the Open on the only day that was under 85 degrees. Let’s hope our luck continues as far as weather goes. (Fingers Crossed!)

Thanks for keeping up with us and we will keep everyone updated with the latest to see what Florence has in store.

16 thoughts on “Update from Blue Horizon”

  1. Glad you are safe…..we were wondering where you were at the moment and hope that everything is fine after Florence passes. (We have Olivia aiming for us over the next 2 days!)


  2. When do you plan to hit Annapolis? Our middle son Luke is living about 20 minutes from there playing hockey in the NAHL.
    Love to fly in and meet up with you guys and take you to a hockey game.


    1. Hi Mark. So great to hear from you! Unfortunately, we need to see what happens with these storms before we will know any next steps. We would love to see you and what a great treat to see your son play. We really hope we can make that possible! More to come….. Amy & Dale


  3. I was just talking about you and your adventures yesterday and wondering when you might have a chance to resume your adventure. Glad to hear all is well and that you’ve taken advantage of the time to fill it with more good times. Stay safe and all the best. Wishing you smooth sailing all the way.


  4. Michigan is where I want to retire. I love it so much. Maybe not for winter but man, the weather is amazing in the summer.

    Safe travels. Hope to retire in nine years and follow in your traveling footsteps. By plane. lol


    1. Thanks Beth. We have every finger crossed, but at this point we just have to wait and see over the next few days. The boat is as ready as it can be 🙁. We will keep you posted – hope everything is good with you. Go Dawgs!


  5. Glad you are resuming the journey! John and I hope that the marina will take good care of your boat! After going through Irma’s eye last year, I am sure you are concerned…the path of Florence will be what it will be! Let us know if you need any assistance at any time!


    1. Hi Sara! We hope the marina will be safe too – I guess we will see soon enough. We can’t wait to catch up with you guys soon- maybe over the winter when we will be off the boat for several months. 🙂


  6. Thinking of you both & pray that your boat does not sustain a lot of damage.
    Talked with Joanie yesterday and she told me that you were stopping by to visit your Atlanta family prior to heading to your boat. Smart move!
    We came close to buying a small bungalow close to our daughter’s but after working in her gardens & lawn a couple of days, decided visiting & traveling our great home state fit our lifestyle much better!
    Looking forward to hearing from you and remember, Stay safe!


    1. Hi Patti – sounds like you guys are having a fun summer! We will have to swap MI stories when we are both home in FL. We will be camped in ATL until we can determine next steps. Tell Russ hi!


  7. Dale and Amy….after Irma we started following WX Chasing on Facebook. They were the first one’s to shoot our house four days after the storm. They have uploaded a video to their Facebook page of the New Bern Marina…maybe you can spot your girl! (They show other footage first.) Hoping for the best for you!


    1. John @ Sara… Thanks so much for sending this. We watched the video and pretty hard to watch. Luckily, we didn’t see Blue Horizon. We heard from another boater that they saw footage of some boats in tact and think ours was in the group. I am going to do an update once we get some additional info. Still keeping our fingers crossed. Hope to see you guys soon. Amy just commented that she would love to head down to the keys this winter. How great to catch up with you both.
      Thanks again


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