Oriental, NC

July 16th, 2081

Blue Horizon makes the local news!

We arrived in Oriental, NC yesterday with little over 24 hours here before leaving for New Bern. I would like to retract (or at least add to) my statement about where to visit in coastal Carolina. Oriental is a MUST SEE! It is known as the sailing capital of North Carolina but could also “the friendliest town in North Carolina”. As one long time resident told Amy & I last night at dinner “it is more of a village than a town”. It seems like the entire community revolves around boating.

Oriental still has a general store. They have bread and diesel oil on the same aisle, guess it is stocked by priorities. The owner had a plaque that read “Bad decisions make great stories”. Isn’t that the truth!!

We docked at the Oriental Marina & Inn which is right across the street from the Bean, a local coffee shop. You can meet about half the town at the Bean on any given morning and everyone speaks to you. While we were there this morning I guess the photographer for the local paper caught our boat and decided it was newsworthy. Online at http://www.towndock.net.

New Bern, NC

We departed Oriental this morning and, for the first time this trip, left the InterCoastal Waterway transiting 24NM up the Neuse River to New Bern, NC. We passed Cherry Point where Amy’s Uncle Tom was the Executive Officer of Squadron 513 called the “Night Owls” flying F4 fighter jets.

Under gray skies and no wind, it was a rather uneventful trip given long, straight legs, we let the auto helm do most of the driving.

The town of New Bern opens its bridge for Blue Horizon.

We are lucky and excited… Bruce & Lydia are coming from Atlanta to meet us tomorrow while in New Bern. For those who don’t know them, Bruce was my boss and mentor at Delta for many years. Amy and I became great friends with BT and Lydia since that time. We are lucky to have friends that know all your faults and still hang out with you anyway. We will discover the town of New Bern together for a few days and Bruce always has a pun or five to keep us in stitches.

7 thoughts on “Oriental, NC”

  1. Can’t wait to hear about New Bern. Say hi to Bruce and Lydia for me.
    I have a few questions about the compound lol.


  2. Wow, you even made the paper! Sounds like you’re having a wonderful time. Hope the weather cooperates with your travels.


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