Swansboro, NC

July 12th, 2018

Today was a relatively short 34 mile trip through beautiful North Carolina coastal rivers, inlets and tributaries. This leg also included two bridges that we could not transit without opening and they only open once an hour. The first bridge opens at the top of the hour and the second opens at the half. We were told by the dockmaster at Harbor Village to leave fifteen minutes before the hour and you will arrive in time for the bridge to open the following hour. With that information, we left at 6:45am to catch the 8:00am bridge opening. We were there at 7:20am and had to contend with other boats and a strong current for 40 minutes. I should have plotted it myself and learned from my mistake. We only had to wait 15 minutes for the second bridge 18 miles up river.

After Camp LeJune Bridge (the name should have given this away) we noticed loud “booms”. We were in the area that the marines use for target practice. I remembered reading about this but didn’t realize we were there. We quickly checked the charts to find a number to call or something saying it was okay to transit. Soon after, we saw the sign below and the lights were not flashing. We did have a marine come down to check out the activity on the water. It could have been our very own version of the old Jimmy Buffett song Jamaica Mistaka.  (I envision Mike Davis laughing right now!) We must have seemed harmless since the soldier didn’t even have his gun handy.

We spent the rest of the day enjoying the trip watching the wildlife. The weather seemed even more oppressive than the previous days, so Amy and I took turns at the helm from inside the boat. We don’t normally do this since you are inside with the AC on and it seems a little like Mr Toad’s Wild Ride. Everyone needs a cheat day! This was ours.

Our day ended at Dudley’s Marina in Swansboro. Dudley’s is a quick stop that sets us up for our next real destination- Beaufort, NC (pronounced “Bo-fert). Beaufort is one of our top 5 places and we will be staying two days. The marina here in Swansboro is not in the best of shape and it is a fixed dock. As you can see below, we had a few friends waiting for us as we made our approach to the slip.

Once at the dock, we had a severe thunderstorm roll in so we borrowed the courtesy car early and “enjoyed” provisioning at the Wal-Mart. Dudleys & Wal-Mart in the same day… Wow! Must be the luxury part of the trip.

This is why we leave early so we can watch these storms from the dock rather than be caught in the middle of them.

Today is exactly 4 weeks since we started this journey. Thanks for being the virtual support crew. It means so much that you take the time to check on us and we really enjoy the emails and comments.

10 thoughts on “Swansboro, NC”

  1. Dale, you look good in a minivan! And we are loving these updates. Can totally picture you guys getting caught up in a Jamaica Mistaka! Lol


    1. Ha! Thanks Laurie… The mini van was the best part of Dudleys! We laughed like crazy thinking about trying to outrun the marines in a trawler!!! The chase would last about 20 seconds. Keep Joe in line and see you guys soon.


  2. Chip and I look forward to the daily news….living vicariously through you two! So who is making the Bloody Mary’s?😜


    1. Ellen, You know only one person can make bloody Mary’s that I drink (always under duress). We were telling a couple about out BVI boat trips just two nights ago.
      We miss you guys!! Looking forward to seeing you soon


  3. Dale and Amy…..

    WOW!!! This journey that you both are doing is awesome. First, thank you for sharing it thru the blog. I have tried to leave comments, but for some crazy reason, I have it thru my Delta email, so it is blocked. Hey, at least I am able to read what yall are up to and seeing. Second, love the pictures, especially the sun rises. Thinking about you both daily, you both are in our thoughts and prayers. Its been a busy summer, flew AMS and CDG back to back last week….took a long walk down by the water in Amsterdam and saw a Russian sub parked in the bay, pretty cool. I saw a video on facebook, looked just like your boat that was going under a bridge that was too small…I’ll try and find it to send to ya both.

    Continued safe travels..

    Scott ________________________________


    1. Scott… Great to hear from you. We have been meaning to call you and Mel to catch up. Sounds like a crazy few weeks with the Int’l trips. Did you get a pic of the sub? We have some things that you guys need to get for the trailer. Miss you guys
      Dale & Amy


  4. Dale/Amy: so just to verify, this was not the Ritz Carlton portion of the trip? Seriously, love the pictures, adventures and commentary. Keep it coming. Miss you guys.


    1. Yeah, not so much, brother! Life is much better now that we are in Beaufort. What a beautiful little town. We will likely be back in Atlanta soon after this leg of the trip. Let’s get together for dinner. Seems like so long.


  5. Wow, hard to believe 4 weeks ago you started your adventure. Continued smooth sailing and keep those updates a coming. Have you run into Bubba Gump around there? UD & AEm


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