Southport, N.C.

July 9th, 2018

We stayed in Myrtle Beach’s Barefoot Marina & Resort last night. While it was nice, the boat traffic was relentless and we witnessed weekend boaters in all their glory. We dinghy’d across the river for dinner with the crew of Blue Sky and turned in early since today was to be a long one.

We woke up at 2am to a very warm boat. Both AC units had gone off and I was getting a reading on the unit basically saying no water could get to the AC units. The cause could run the gamut of something as easy as picking up a plastic bag on the intake or as bad as a faulty AC pump. I would not find the answer at 2am. I tried to go back to sleep but no dice.

We were up at 6am for a quick departure. The charts warned that we would encounter rocks below the surface for the next 12 miles. We met a boater last night who just picked his vessel up after 2 months having been repaired due to this part of the ICW. For that reason, we decided to depart at 6:30 to give us the benefit of more water below us. The sign below was the first indication of the potential challenge ahead.

We only saw a few places that caused us alarm and we proceeded very slowly during those spots. It’s one thing “bumping” bottom and another hitting it at cruising speed!

This is the part of the ICW that we start to see the big trees and the rivers feed into the Atlantic. The current is so strong in some areas we either feel like we are flying or barely moving. I was so concerned about the AC issues and rocks that I barely took the time to enjoy where we are and the beauty of it all. Here are some shots from todays journey.

We crossed another state and made it into North Carolina! Our first stop in the Tar Heel State was the Southport Marina and I certainly made an entrance. With three dockhands standing by, I had to go around and make a second attempt at the dock. All this after Amy made an impeccable 20 foot throw of the bowline.

We did however, end the day with a bit of good news… The AC issue seems to have been a foreign object clogging the AC intake because when we hooked up the power and turned the AC on to check, the issue had self corrected. We are cool again!

Here are the numbers so far… Days – 22 Miles traveled – 848 Hours at the Helm-122 Locks – 8 Bridges Opened 11 – Rodney Dangerfield type arrival docking – 1 (and a half)

If we had driven a car for the same number of hours that we have at the helm we would have already gone coast to coast… Almost twice

7 thoughts on “Southport, N.C.”

  1. Glad you didn’t have any problems navigating the rocks and I know you are happy the AC is working.
    What about the storm warnings?
    A car trip wouldn’t have been nearly as much fun!
    Be safe!


    1. We are keeping an eye on the weather but do not expect it to impact our trip tomorrow. Just hoping it doesn’t turn inland as we will be passing Wilmington. No worries… I have a back up just in case. See you soon, Love Dale & Amy


  2. Dale, I have to tell you: one of the great finds for us the readers is your beautiful narrative.. keep’em coming..


  3. Hey sweetie,
    I’m having lunch with your mom. She told me about your trip. I have friends that are doing this also.
    Doug and Kim Parker.
    I would love to be on your blog
    Love you,
    Pat Roseberry. ❤️❤️❤️


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