Beaufort, SC

June 30th, 2018

Today began with a 46NM trip from Morningstar Marina in Thunderbolt (just south of Savannah) to Beaufort, SC. As usual, we shoved off just before 6:30am and caught a quick picture of the sun coming up from across the river. These early views never get old to us.

The ICW takes us along the west side of Hilton Head, Island and had no major areas of concern on this leg. After Hilton Head, we passed the infamous Parris Island, the location for the United States Marine Corp. boot camp. Talk about a dichotomy of difference between these two Islands that are so close together!!

We docked at the lovely Beaufort City Dock that sits adjacent to the small town of Beaufort, SC. We have been here a few times by land and it was one of the top spots that we always wanted to visit by sea. It was a little surreal for us as we docked here.

July 1st, 2018

This is our first well deserved non travel day in a week. We were happy to take a day off and enjoy the sights of Beaufort. This is old south at its best and the location for many movies such as The Big Chill, Forrest Gump, Prince of Tides and many more. I know I promised not to waste your time on restaurants where we ate but one spot must be mentioned… Blackstone’s Cafe! As we were eating breakfast, they rang a ships bell three times precisely at 8am. An employee apologized for surprising any newcomers but it was tradition at Blackstone’s to stand and say the National Anthem every morning at 8am. We were so glad we were there to be a part of that tradition.

We rode our bikes around the downtown historic district and took so many pictures as each home was more beautiful than the next. The first shot below is “Tidalholm Mansion” where The Big Chill was filmed. The house was recently on the market at $4.5 million and someone purchased it for $1.5 million. As you can see, the home is under renovation.

We really appreciate all the questions and comments from everyone. A couple of you asked how we prepare and know where to stop along the trip. I thought some folks might be interested so here’s what we do. Seems every looper has their own method and this is ours.

We use Active Captain and Navionics Charts on the iPad and “Skipper Bob’s InterCoastal Waterway Guides”. Blue Horizon moves at an average of 9mph or 7.5 knots per hour. Planning the stops takes a bit of time.

We plan for marinas and/or anchorages in that range given back up locations closer given any bad weather. We check the tides and currents looking for the optimum time. Make sure the boat has fuel and all systems are working properly. Check to see if we need pumped out, Ugh! Add potable water and make sure we have enough drinking water and whatever provisions we need. Ensure everything is stowed properly (since we are a slow moving vessel, we often get “waked” by larger, faster vessels. Remove and store our shore power cord and switch all systems over to battery power. A last check of the weather and Amy starts removing lines and fenders. We almost have it down to a science now…. Easy Peezy!

Next stop, the 64NM trip to Charleston’s St. John’s Creek and then on to the famed Charleston Maritime Marina & Museum. Until then….

6 thoughts on “Beaufort, SC”

  1. Beautiful homes. Beaufort might be a nice place for our next family vacation. Enjoyed learning how you plan for marinas. Loved the story about Blackstone’s Cafe!
    I can’t wait to see the video you will make about this trip.
    Be safe❤️


  2. Really enjoying the travel journal and beautiful images you’ve been capturing and sharing with those of us land locked.


  3. Love all the detail, like many we are vicariously through your posts.
    Especially love the latest posts about preping to set sail each morning.
    Love hearing about experiencing these wonderful cities from the water side of it!


    1. Thanks Mark… Great having you aboard virtually but would rather have you on in person. We hope to get to see you when we round the Great Lakes. Hope you are doing great. Dale & Amy


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