Savannah, GA

Thursday, June 29th – Kilkenny Creek, GA

From St. Simons, GA to Savannah is a long 78NM trip that includes Hells Gate, the second notorious spot for the ICW. We decided to employ the same logic we used for St. Andrews Sound and stop as close as possible before the gate. We found a small marina – Kilkenny Creek that is only 16NM south of Hell’s Gate. We have been told that this area is not a problem if you approach 2 hours before high tide. Since high tide on Friday would be 9:30 we left at 6:45am to allow for time back up Kilkenny Creek to the ICW. We were surprised to see Leap of Faith along with Sea Fox pull into the marina not long after we did. There was one restaurant within walking distance so we all enjoyed a post rain stroll to this out of the way find.

Friday, June 29th

We awoke to the most beautiful sky just after dawn and was able to capture the early landscape shot before everyone started moving about.

Leaving the marina, we noticed both boats following behind. At least if there was a problem at Hells Gate, we would have some help. I had mentioned the night before that I was thinking I would like to follow one of them through since they have done it many times. The captain of Sea Fox replied… “oh, is that what you are thinking”. It was right that we do it on our own the first time and I didn’t want to rely on others navigation.

It was truly a non event with more than 8 feet of water below us during the most shallow part of the trip. We did another celebratory “high five” and it was back to business. As we passed Isle of Hope Marina, where Blue Sky had docked, they were able to snap a shot of us passing by.

Just after passing Isle of Hope, we picked up a dolphin escort up the river.

We only traveled 36 miles up the ICW today to Savannah’s Bahia Bleu Marina. Much different than yesterday’s accommodations. Nice, wide floating concrete docks, close to facilities and “free” laundry. The latter being a big draw for live aboard boaters

We have now completed 15 days of the trip of which we traveled 13 for almost 650 miles. Hard to believe that we are a tenth of the way around the loop. We will start to slow down after Charleston and we are looking for where and when to dock the boat during our hiatus this winter.

Here are the top ten things we have learned after 15 days living aboard a boat:

10/ Travel on the water in the summer is so much nicer when you leave early
9/ It takes longer than you would think to really slow down… You. Not the boat!
8/ The world doesn’t end if you don’t get the news everyday. We prefer coffee on the bridge rather than watching GMA
7/ Really good binoculars are a must
6/ Long, hot showers are a luxury we took for granted. When we are anchored or on a mooring ball, we really have to conserve our fresh water. It’s spritz, lather, rinse! No singing or dancing!
5/ Uber is a great concept. We use Uber when we need to get supplies or groceries
4/ Buy water in bulk! 2.5 Gallon containers vs bottles
3/ Less really is more! We are really learning to conserve our space
2/ Don’t ever argue with your wife when you are limited to 40 feet! I am pretty sure this is why the gangplank was invented.
1/ We brought way too much stuff!!

Be safe and have a great weekend. Dale & Amy


17 thoughts on “Savannah, GA”

  1. This blog is so interesting! Glad today is nice weather for you, that storm cloud was ugly.
    As usual I love the pictures. I enlarged the one your friends took of Blue Horizon and can see you and Amy inside. LOVE the dolphin pic. Great top ten, especially one and two.


  2. I love these updates, the pictures and the story-telling. I’m thinking this might end up as a book?? Keep it coming!


  3. This is probably a really stupid question, and I think I know the answer, but how are we getting pictures of you guys and the boat? Your friends are taking them and sending them to you?


    1. Exactly… We passed them at another marina and they snapped a few pics. Sometimes I take shots of the boat when we aren’t aboard.. In fact, too many times! We are starting to know some of the same boats that are going north.


    1. Thanks Kip & Steve… We really miss you guys in FL! BTW, Steve… When we arrived at Bahia Bleu in St. Simons, I kept telling Amy how familiar this marina looks. It is where you, John and I went to look at that boat you bought!! That was a fun day!
      See you guys soon, Dale & Amy


  4. Especially loved the “top ten.” I retired 8 years ago and am still learning #3. Really enjoy traveling with both of you….safe travels ahead.


  5. Dale, you are learning well grasshopper and finally understand #3. Now on to #2, you should already know better. Love being on this virtual trip with you. Look forward to seeing you guys soon brother. Regards to you and Amy


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