St. Augustine, FL

We made the relatively short 18NM (Nautical Miles) trip from Marineland to St. Augustine yesterday just before noon so we would arrive on a slack tide. Slack tides are the times where the water is transitioning from high tide to low tide (or vice versatile) and the water is less challenging to maneuver. We are getting into the areas now where tides are tough if you catch them at the wrong time. I bring this up now because as we get into Georgia and South Carolina, the tide can very 8-9 feet and cause wicked currents.

St. Augustine Municipal Marina is easy to locate as it is right before the famed “Bridge of Lions”, a very unique bridge as you can see below.

Before leaving Marineland, we met one of the nicest couples and it reinforces that boaters are some of the most interesting people around, Artie and Laura Ortmann living aboard Leap of Faith. The couple is from New York and decided to sell their home and become live aboard cruisers. As they were making all the necessary arrangements, Artie’s car was hit head on by an oncoming vehicle. As they assessed his many injuries, they found that Artie had pancreatic cancer. As he recuperated, they realized that the accident was actually a blessing in disguise as they caught the cancer early enough to treat with a high success rate. They left on their voyage as soon as Artie was cleared by his physician. They went on to become “Gold Loopers” and have become a wealth of knowledge for new cruisers like ourselves.

Laura shared with us that one of the best places to see 4th of July fireworks is at the newly renovated Maritime Marina in Charleston, SC. They advised that the marina just started taking reservations and they, along with four other “loopers” would be there. I was able to get a reservation for Blue Horizon for July 3rd and 4th. Since we are a trawler and move much slower, it is going to be a bit of a challenge getting there given that we have to stay an extra day in St. Augustine for repairs. I went to work plotting a course and overnights that could work for the holiday in Charleston but it does include some rather long days that will cover 3 states, 7 stops in 10 days and 315 miles. I have added the map below for those keeping up with our progress.

So, back to St. Augustine… We arrived yesterday and decided to take a hop on- hop off Trolly around our country’s first city. We saw Fort Castillo San Marcos, Flagler College and the Fountain of Youth.

We had dinner with Mike & Melissa, Crew of Blue Sky, and made it an early night. Mike, an accomplished pilot, is the founder of Air Gizmos and holds patents on several of their unique products for small aircraft. In his spare time, he built two airplanes. Melissa coordinates events for with Disney Magic Kingdom. Blue Horizon and Blue Sky have traveled together since meeting up halfway across the Okeechobee Waterway and they are excellent partners as we head into coastal Georgia. They will move ahead of us shortly after we transit Hells Gate later this week.

You really never know what to expect living on a boat. We woke up this morning to a White Egret that decided to guard our boarding door.

So long for now, it is 8:30pm and we are going to have one quick cocktail on the fly bridge before turning in. Our plan is to shove off promptly at 6am for the 63 mile journey to Fernandina Beach Marina where we will grab a mooring ball rather than a slip in the marina. Until later…. All the best, Dale and Amy

7 thoughts on “St. Augustine, FL”

  1. Would love to see pictures of Fernandina Beach – you know that is my favorite! Glad everything is going well. Did you get our gift before you left – the travel journal and travel writings handbook? Hope you did! Save voyage!


  2. DK – Ah, St. Augustine Marina…..remember well as we tried to outrun a storm while crewing for you on CP II ! Stay away from the ready made sandwiches at the Marina store……..who ever knew turkey came in that color ??…….Safe travels to you and Miss Amy.



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