Marineland, FL

Saturday, June 23, 2018

We left Cocoa Beach yesterday morning just as the sun was about to rise. Both Amy and I have gotten used to rising about 6am as we (I) tend to run out of gas about 10pm! We both laughed at how we rarely woke up this early without an alarm before. Two major benefits of an early departure: 1/ We tend to beat the Florida thunderstorms on a 5-6 hour leg if we leave at dawn and 2/ The sky is absolutely gorgeous during this time and all the wildlife is active. We snapped a few shots below of us leaving Cocoa Beach for Marineland yesterday morning.

This was an especially delightful leg since we passed the NASA Space Center, Cape Canaveral National Seashore and Ponce De Leon Lighthouse. Not enough room in this blog to send all the shots of wildlife but we saw more manatee (adult and young) and dolphin than we have ever seen in a days time. We’ve included a video of a couple of them swimming by our boat below. They are amazing to see in their natural habitat. This was a 54 mile leg and we are now at 380 miles total for the 8 days. We have spent 48 hours at the helm and burned 274 gallons of diesel fuel.


It’s a little hard to see, but the vehicle assembly building and launch tower at Kennedy Space Center are in the distance.

This is as close as we get on the ICW. We really wish we could have seen a launch but the next one is schedule for June 29th.

We arrived at Marineland early yesterday afternoon and decided to walk over to the beach to get cooled off. We learned that Captains BBQ was about 4 miles south and they had the best BBQ in the area. We assembled the folding bikes and, along with Mike and Melissa from Blue Sky, we made the trek. It was a great casual dinner and I felt the trip justified the extra calories.

This is a very remote spot as the town of Marineland has only 35 residents. This area was built for movie and film 80 years ago TODAY! We happened to be here on the 80th anniversary. Shows including “Sea Hunt” and “Creature from the black lagoon” were filmed here. It is definitely old Florida but a great stop. Since it is Saturday, we will leave the waterways to the weekend boaters and stay put. We are getting our groceries, laundry and maintenance on the boat chores knocked out. Still trying to make it a little fun!

Amy found a bench on the boardwalk at the Marineland that had a dolphin carved out. She shot the ocean through the cut out. I would have never thought to do that!

We will make the short 20 mile trip tomorrow to St. Augustine Municipal Marina. I’m not looking forward to the crowded waterways but we must position the boat there for Monday where we will be taking yet another day off from travel. The Salon AC unit will not cooperate and has a mind of its own. Early diagnosis is the blower but I don’t want to replace a part on a unit that is twelve years old. They will install a new AC unit on Monday.

Cocoa Beach June 20th

We were able to get off the boat a bit and walk around the quaint town of Cocoa Beach Village. We kept seeing references to “I Dream of Jeannie” and remembered this was the home of Major Tony Nelson, the astronaut that all boys growing up in the 60’s wanted to be. We also went to the Ron Jon Surf Shop’s flagship store as it is open 24/7/365. This store is massive, taking up almost an entire city block.

Some of you really liked the map so I am doing another. I’ll find a better way of doing this….

7 thoughts on “Marineland, FL”

  1. Hey There, the pictures are beautiful especially the one Amy took through the dolphin. I wish I could have seen all the dolphins. I just love them.
    Sorry about the AC, especially when it’s so hot. We have had storms and couldn’t help wondering if you have had any.
    Sending Love and Hugs


  2. Agree on the pictures especially the sky shots and the dolphin bench. Really appreciate the map as it helps us visual learners. You guys look very relaxed and happy. Love from Atlanta, JL


  3. Loved the pictures of the dolphins and the scenery of the beautiful skies. You sure know how to celebrate your retirement. Happy sailing….


  4. You both look great! Beautiful photos, looks like an awesome trip! I miss that calmness of getting out on the water. Always loved the peaceful feel. Hopefully again one day soon! Stay safe and have a wonderful time dear friends! Love and miss y’all!


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