Vero Beach, FL

June 19th – 6 days / 5 travel days

We left LaBelle and completed the western portion of the Okeechobee Waterway and decided to stop just prior to crossing the Lake. It took some extra time due to the Ortona Lock had just become operational and working out a few kinks. We would definitely stop again at LaBelle City Wharf. We loved it and met some really nice folks that have been boating for a long time.

In Clewiston, we met another couple doing the loop. Great people and we have a lot in common with them (outside of doing the loop). We had dinner with them on Sunday and again on Monday at Stuart.

As Monday was going to be a long travel day, we started just after sunrise. I exited the lock system and directly into Lake O. It is the largest lake in FL and you cannot see the other side so you normally follow the magenta line on your GPS and carefully follow the markers as there are many shoals.

This Monday morning was very different!!

Mother Nature treated us to a different line to follow. In my many years of boating, I have never had the reflection of the sun split the bouys!!! I had to take a picture of this to share. I know there will be days on this trip where things will not go perfect. Boat, Weather, crew, other boaters, etc… I will look back on this picture and remember it with fondness. It actually gave us chill bumps!!

Mother Nature’s Guidance Positioning System!

Here are a few other shots as we completed the 140 mile journey that splits the state.

Is this a railroad track or boat guillotine?? Whew! Made it through!

Tuesday, June 19th

We made the turn north to the InterCoastal Waterway! Finally!! One beach town is as beautiful as the next. We decided to pick up a mooring ball at Vero Beach Municipal City Dock for our overnight rather than stay in a marina slip. We fired up “Little Blue” for our transportation to the dock and town. They have a free bus that picks you up right at the dinghy dock and takes you around the city. This is a beautiful beach town and we will be back.

Tomorrow we move on to Cocoa Beach where we will pick up a slip at Cocoa Village Marina. The trip is 52 miles and should take around four and a half hours. We hope to leave at 7am after we take on some diesel fuel.

9 thoughts on “Vero Beach, FL”

  1. You are off to a great start. Love your blogs. Here’s to smooth sailing. Love you. Aunt Emma and Uncle Don.


  2. Dale and Amy…We are living this adventure vicariously through your blog and photos. Please keep em coming. Good memories of going across Okeechobee the other direction on CP ll. BLT from PTC


  3. Your photographs are beautiful. I am following your trip with great excitement for you. Happy sailing and God bless you. Love, Aunt Diane

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Aunt Diane! We are excited to share this with everyone. Tell everyone hello on the West coast. Amy & Dale


  4. Mother Nature really did give you a treat, beautiful! Sounds like you are meeting wonderful people along the way. I wonder if you will see the couple you met who are doing the loop again?
    Be safe.


  5. Just getting to read the update as I brunch at the PGI Grill… Really enjoying the updates and glad things are going well. Miss you guys!


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