T minus 4 days

It is hard to believe that, after all the planning and work, the time is upon us!  I picked up the boat from having the bottom painted and prop work accompanied by my nephew Tyler and we headed out to Cayo Costa for an overnight. All systems would have been go except I had neglected to put the 10 foot markings on the new anchor chain.  I “guessed”at the rode needed for our anchorage and we stayed on board a few hours anchored soundly in Pelican Bay. Then came a Florida thunderstorm packing 30mph winds that sent us dragging anchor within 10 feet of a nearby sailboat giving Tyler a bit more excitement than he bargained for.  Once clear of the other boats, I let out additional rode and the anchor held for the remainder of the trip. Sorry T!



Now Amy and I are in full on provisioning mode.  It seems that almost every sentence starts with “do you think we need…” and we now have more than Blue Horizon can handle.  We hate clutter and wanted to have everything in its place by Wednesday.  That said, here is a shot of the salon before clothes & food.  We will get this under control before departure.


3 thoughts on “T minus 4 days”

    1. Thanks! Made it to Ft. Myers and will overnight here until Sunday a.m. to wait until the locks open. We will keep in touch. Everything good here so far. Love ya Amy

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